We hand you an outline to use for your book

- You go home and write it using our template

- We prepare the cover for you- including  ICBM and Barcode

- We have your book professionally edited up to 150 pages. 

- We have your book formatted for print and online e-books

- We send your book to our Distibutors world wide. 

- You track all your sales and order books one at a time or your clients 

can purchase them through Amazon-  Barnes and Noble- Etc. 

- We do everything but write the book. 


If you are looking for a Co-Writer or would like Steven to write it for you- he can.  #1 Best Seller on Amazon with his book Final Expense Boot Camp.  His fees are $1500.00 for the Authoring-  $100.00 for each chapter up to 15 chapers or 150 pages.  Also, the $999.99 publishing fees.  $2500.00 he will write your book and publish it for you. 

Complete Self Publish Package

$1,600.00 Regular Price
$999.99Sale Price
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