• Custom 11X17 Poster

    Book Cover
    • Special Design with Your Child
    • Quote on Poster to your Child from Steven G.
    • Your Childs Picture
    • - You must provide Picture
  • Best Value

    Add a Quote from Pro

    Pro Player Quote to Your Child
    Valid for one month
    • Select from one of our Pros
    • They write a quote for your child
    • We add that to the Cover.
    • You may order up to 2 Quotes for the cover.
  • Pro Video

    Show off Your Skills
    Valid for 24 months
    • We add 10 of your clips to one of our videos
    • Drum Cover by Echo Five of
    • You can pick one of the Hot songs we have
    • We can do a custom song for an additional $49.99
    • We can film these in 24-48 hours
    • Great for Facebook or Websites
  • Fully Published Book

    Design- 100 Pages & 50 Books
    • Cover Design
    • 100 Pages written by #1 Best Selling Author Steven G.
    • Edited, Formatted
    • Published to Amazon Kindle and over 30 other outlets
    • Initial 50 books sent to you once published.
    • You can purchase additional books for $5.00 a piece
    • You sell them for the Price You Determine
  • 50 Page Published

    Cover Design, 50 pages and 25 Initial Books
    • Book Cover Design
    • Format- Publish
    • 50 pages
    • 25 Initial Books Sent to you Once Published
    • You may purchase additional books for $5.00 plus shipping
  • 25 Page Book

    Design, 25 Pages, Published
    • Cover Design to Match Pro Player
    • 25 Page Book
    • 20 Copies Sent to you once published
    • You may purchase additional copies at $5.00 Plus shipping

This is for monthly hosting. For any reason your payment does not go through- we will shut the site down. Once you make the payment ... We will update the site LIVE again. You must purchase the appropriate set up fee for each plan.